Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally a Decent Weight Loss Book!

I've been hunting around for years trying to find a book by someone who has lost at least 200 pounds and has good advice. Either they haven't lost a lot of weight. Or it's mostly memoir and very little help. Or they've lost the weight through surgery or in an unhealthy manner.

Finally Thin! by Kim Bensen was just what I was looking for. About a third of the book is about how she gained 200 pounds, lived as an obese person and finally lost and maintained the weight. The second third gives sound advice on how to lose weight that allows that we are all unique people and that one size does not fit all. The final third is recipes.

About the only thing I didn't like was her reliance on highly processed low-fat and no-fat foods. I personally believe they aren't very healthy. But in general, this is the best book I've found on the subject.


  1. I agree about the highly processed foods. They might not help people lose weight as much as they'd expect, anyway. It's best to avoid excess fat in more natural ways. :)

    In case you're wondering...I'm The_hibernator from LT. :)

  2. Morphy, you have come so far! I know it looks like such a long way still to go, but hey, one step at a time. I've been trying to lose the same 10 lbs (of the 40 I need to lose) for the last year, and just admire the discipline you have had to lose 142 pounds so far. You are my hero!

  3. Here is another woman who has lost 220 pounds and kept it off, all without surgery and crazy diets! They are out there! I am working toward that being me one day.

  4. Hmm, I posted here yesterday, following your LT post, but there's nothing here today! Just saying, Morphy, you are my hero for the 142 pounds you have already lost. I know it is such a long process that it's easy to become discouraged, but I'm backing you all the way!

  5. ronin, whoops! I forgot to moderate the comments. Here you are!


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