Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Update aka Boring Post Title

I am struggling badly with my weight and have gained again. I lost 12 of the 30 pounds but then I regained it plus more.  However, the binge eating group has started and I'm seeing a dietitian and therapist. I'm getting the help I need to get me back on track. I'm determined to beat this beast. I will not go back to where I was before.

My previous post got a couple comments with suggestions on diet changes that I will not be following. Instead, I'm working with a dietitian and will be following her instructions. I will not be doing low anything. Binge eaters must be careful to not restrict food and to eat balanced meals in moderate portions. Saying "this has got to go" or having "good" foods and "bad" foods can bring about a binge. Being binge free is more important than anything else. When I don't binge, I eat moderately, if not perfectly, and lose weight. My current plan with her is to just keep my calories under 2500.

The first binge eating group was simply introductions and a lot of administrative stuff. I'm hoping that the second meeting this afternoon is more informative.