Friday, January 15, 2010

90 Left in 1001 Days

I sewed buttons on two dresses that have been missing them for a long time. It gives me two more dresses to wear but all of my clothes are starting to look a bit careworn. In a few months, I hope to order a dress or two. Maybe for my birthday in June. Though I really don't go much anywhere except for church. (photo by

I finished David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. It was slow reading but I finally did it. Because of a nasty experience in sixth grade with Great Expectations where the teacher had us learning the book in such yawn-inducing detail, I refused to read Dickens for decades. A year or so ago, I tried A Christmas Carole and while wordy, it wasn't half bad. I decided to try another and chose Copperfield. I read it via DailyLit where you get parts of the book daily by email.

Lastly, got caught up with all the CSI episodes that are available on DVD. I miss Gil Grissom a lot -I had a bit of a celebrity crush on him - but the Laurence Fishburne character, Dr. Ray Langston, isn't all that shabby. He has a warmth that Gil was sometimes missing.

I don't have photos for the remaining tasks I've completed, so I'll take care of them next time I blog.

8 More Pounds

Over the last two months I gained 20-ish pounds and am taking it back off pretty quickly. Eight more pounds and I'll be back at where I was 2 months ago. I'm working toward getting enough off that I can weigh in at Weight Watchers where the scale only goes up to 600. I need to be around 575 or so to figure in clothing and time of day. With the hubby working now (YAY!), we'll need to go in an afternoon or evening where I'll be in clothes and will have had some meals. No naked, empty-stomach weigh in's in public!

I'm doing a "Biggest Loser" contest on the Team 300 lbs. Plus boards at Spark People. I gained 2 pounds the first week and lost 16 (!) the next. I struggle, as always, with participating on the boards. Part of me gets bored and another part sees so little on-going, permanent weigh loss success in others with a lot to lose that I get frustrated. Lastly, of course, is merely me procrastinating with writing.