Friday, January 15, 2010

90 Left in 1001 Days

I sewed buttons on two dresses that have been missing them for a long time. It gives me two more dresses to wear but all of my clothes are starting to look a bit careworn. In a few months, I hope to order a dress or two. Maybe for my birthday in June. Though I really don't go much anywhere except for church. (photo by

I finished David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. It was slow reading but I finally did it. Because of a nasty experience in sixth grade with Great Expectations where the teacher had us learning the book in such yawn-inducing detail, I refused to read Dickens for decades. A year or so ago, I tried A Christmas Carole and while wordy, it wasn't half bad. I decided to try another and chose Copperfield. I read it via DailyLit where you get parts of the book daily by email.

Lastly, got caught up with all the CSI episodes that are available on DVD. I miss Gil Grissom a lot -I had a bit of a celebrity crush on him - but the Laurence Fishburne character, Dr. Ray Langston, isn't all that shabby. He has a warmth that Gil was sometimes missing.

I don't have photos for the remaining tasks I've completed, so I'll take care of them next time I blog.


  1. You know morph, I check your blog alot to see if you have posted recently. Are you okay?

  2. I'm back for now. Thanks for checking.


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