Monday, July 16, 2012

No, No, No - Wrong Way!

I'm not happy with my weigh-in today. A three-pound gain.

I might have been a little high in calories but not THAT high. All I can think of is since I'm peri-menopausal my cycle is irregular and I haven't had my "friend" for the last two months. I think I'm going to be hit with a vengeance this month since I'm feeling very bloated. My female cycle can also cause me to be irregular in another way which can also cause "bloat."

That plus having lost 50 pounds over the last two months and my body just needs time to adjust. I had started a break on tracking my food but this put a kabosh on it. I need to be super careful over the next week. I do NOT want to start back sliding! Also, my exercise plan has me adding a song to my chair dancing routine and marching in place for 20 seconds every time I get up. Lastly, I'm drinking some extra water. I hope to turn this around right away.


  1. I fluctuate 3 lbs in one day, so I don't imagine this means very much. Just keep at the exercise and dieting and you'll succeed.

  2. You are doing a great job of losing weight! Don't be discouraged over a 3 pound gain! You look great!

    Hugs Bellylvr!

    I don't know why you don't publish my posts. If I am bothering you just let me know and I will not post anymore! While I just love your biggest size! I would never want to see someone die from being obese! That's why I send my notes of encouragement!

  3. You can do it! It's a long hard road, full of not so happy moments but also many victories. You're doing amazing so far. You've got another cheerleader here in Ohio cheering you on. Hugs, - Terri (aka: graceful woman warrior)

  4. Bellylvr,

    There is encouragement and there is flirting. When your posts cross the line from one to the other, I don't publish them. For instance, if you talk about admiring my big belly, I won't publish it. That's flirting.

    1. You are totally correct! My bad manners. You are a married woman and I have no right to flirt with you..Thanks for taking the time to let me know..

      I will still follow your weight loss with encouragement!


  5. Terri,

    Thanks. I'm feeling discouraged at the moment, so every little bit of cheerleading helps!

  6. I think you have made amazing changes, and even though it is slow, you can see and FEEL the progress! Keep up the good work!


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