Friday, June 1, 2012

Doctor's Orders #2

Eat 1 handful of nuts per day.

I was having problems with feeling hungry all day. The doctor said that one component of it was issues with satiety and that I needed to eat more nutritious foods. Part of this was to eat more fruits and vegetables, the next part was to eat a handful of nuts per day. I particularly like cashews and almonds. So I measure about about 100 calories worth. This comes to 11 cashews or 15 almonds. It didn't seem like it would be enough but it certainly does seem satisfying mid-morning when I get "the hungries."


For serving sizes, try:

The Portion Distortion Guide at SparkPeople

How Much Are You Eating? at U.S. Department of Agriculture


Finally, a blog by a previously super obese person who has lost a lot of weight without weight loss surgery or any fad diets. Whoo hoo! Check it out. It's very inspirational.

Who Ate My Blog?


  1. Loved the portion size post.... my portions are a whole lot bigger than those. Hmmmm.

    Here is another blogger who lost 275 pounds without WLS or fad diets. And has maintained it! He posts lest frequently now that he has reached his goal, in the losing phase he posted every single day and it's all there for inspiration!

  2. I don't know. It looks a bit weird when all 25 of his Amazon reviews were 5 stars. Really? I'll watch it for awhile.


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