Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doctor's Orders #6

Start on Topomax to decrease appetite and stabilize mood.

Also known as better living through pharmaceuticals.

Prescribed for epilepsy and migraines, it is now used off-label in smaller doses to reduce binge eating.

Oh my god, this stuff is like crack for binge eaters. Where has it been all my life? I haven't had one binge since starting on this miracle drug. That's *22* days without a binge. And I've only had two days where I've been over my calorie range and even that was only by about 500 calorie each time. I've lost THIRTY POUNDS during that time period.

I snuck a weigh in yesterday and the loss is tapering off to something more reasonable, but dang! I am one happy camper.


  1. Wow who knew? I've never heard of it! It's fantastic that it works for you and equally fantastic you have a doctor who is willing to prescribe off label.

    Kudo's on that loss!


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