Monday, June 25, 2012

Birthday Blues

I know a two pound loss is good but it's still disappointing. It's my own fault though. I had three high calorie days this past week so shouldn't surprised. I should be grateful to have lost at all in all actuality. First we went to Benihana's for my birthday. While I ate less than I usually do, it is still not exactly a low calorie meal! Except for the rice, I ate half of everything. I ordered two servings of rice so I could take one home with the other half of my food. I ate the leftovers the following day which meant another high calorie day. Love the shrimp sauce but OMG the calories!

This Saturday we went to Target. I thought it would be one hour trip but it ended up being closer to three or four hours. We were comparison shopping to see if it would be a cheaper place to grocery shop. They are certainly less expensive than Cub or at least comparible. However, we ended up eating lunch there which was unplanned and the choices were pizza or pasta. Again, not exactly low calorie.

I tried to make good choices the rest of the week to make up for those days.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    You booked at loss regardless, so good for you! Not only is restaurant food high in calories it also has a LOT of sodium, very good for retaining water. :-) It's best to stay away, but it was your Birthday Dinner!

    You can double up your efforts in the coming week and make up for it. Keep your eye on your total losses, you really are doing well!


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