Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Therapy Homework

I met with the therapist at the Melrose Institute for the first time. She seems nice enough. We didn't get much accomplished as it was an "intake" appointment and it was mostly us going over my history and setting up goals. I got a "homework" assignment though. I am to bring in an object that represents me.

I told my husband about it and he said I should bring in "Lovey." Lovey is a blond teddy bear he gave to me decades ago. She's dressed in a pretty, light blue dress with a silver stars. He said I am like a teddy bear and I'm "cuddly and soft." I said I wanted bringing in my kneadable eraser because it's "an ugly grey blob." The only thing is that it's not big enough so it isn't a "fat ugly grey blob."

So, I'm going to bring in both objects. The best and worst of me.


  1. The eraser may be how you see yourself and the therapist will want to know that so together you can work on your self image! It is all part of your on-going transformation.

    Your husband sees you much differently!

    Good for you for keeping your appointments. I see great progress ahead for you. :-)

  2. Hi Morphy and greetings from streamsong.

    I'm going to follow your journey and look for inspiration for my own weight loss.

    I am so proud of you with the brownie!!!!!! You are a better woman than I am!


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