Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Pool Workout

I've been meeting with two new pool therapists and I'm working on a new pool exercise routine. It runs about one hour.

Chest High Water:
  • 2 walking laps with closed paddles
  • 2 side step laps with closed paddles
  • 1 grapevine lap
  • 2 laps - going on toes, coming on heels
  • 2 laps - heels to butt
  • 1 lap - marching, knees high
  • 3 to 5 minutes of jogging (about 1 lap per minute)
  • Otter rolls (hold ball at chest, roll to side, roll back)
  • Float on back in V-postion, lightly paddle for 30 seconds x 2
  • Reverse push ups? (float on stomach, hold dumbells out straight, slowly bring them down x 5)
  • Tricep curls with yellow dumbbells (20)

Waist High Water:

  • Side Wall Push Ups (20x2)
  • 2 walking laps

Hip High Water

  • 1 walking lap

Deep Water

  • Lobster rolls (float on back, crunch up, switch to float on stomach)
  • Flutter kicks (15 seconds as fast as can, 15 seconds rest x 4)
  • Cross-country skiing with dumbbells (1 minute x 2)
I think I'm forgetting some stuff but I don't have the list right on me at the moment. All I know is that I was bushed!


  1. I just want to tell you how motivated to lose weight you have made me. I have my own challenge with my weight, and have for the last 12 years when I started being treated for Bipolar Disorder. I was started on medication (Lithium, and now Seroquel, among others) that have serious weight gain side effects. Now I am morbidly obese. Doctors have theories about the weight gain, but the bottom line is that you have to eat like an anorexic squirrel to keep the weight off, and even then you have to change your perspective to a new version of a "slender you," which is much bigger than what the TV says is slender. I know I can pile on the veggies/fruits, and I do, but sometimes it is difficult. My thing is sweets. I am powerless over sweets and they can control me if I don't use my whole mind & soul to control them. Despite all this, I will not stop my medications because they save my life everyday, but then I have depression about my weight! I have tried every which way to lose weight, all the commercial programs, and not-so commerical programs -except surgery. Losing weight feels like a full-tiime job. But you have the right idea, and reading your blog helps me -your courage and PATIENCE motivate me. If you can do it, so can I. Keep on keepin' on, you are not alone, and I know now, neither am I! And I really thank all those who have good constructive comments as well! So here I go, using Weight Watchers again, but my mindset is completely different! Thank you so much Morph!

  2. A whole hour in the pool! That's a wonderful workout for you, how many days a week can you get there? Water workouts are my favorite, it's invigorating and you don't get hot and sticky like you do in the gym. :-)

    Good for you!

  3. WoW! You can really see the difference in your before and after pics! That is amazing!


  4. Anonymous from 6/21 12:15PM: Patience really is key. And I'm going to suggest trying journaling your food on SparkPeople. That really has been key for me.

    Anonymous from 6/21 5:14PM: I try to go twice per week to the pool.


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