Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Doctor's Orders #3

I've been taking Metamucil for years for "regularity." I put it in a cup of orange juice until I started having stomach issues earlier this year so I changed over to apple juice. The doctor suggested that I change over to taking it in water. Since I have Metamucil Clear and Natural rather than one of the flavored ones, it seems to be fine. The water tastes a little odd but that's about it and it saves me 60 to 80 calories a day. Plus the doctor says for the same amount of calories I can eat an apple and it would be much more satisfying.


And here's my latest crochet project. It was for a silent auction at my church.


  1. Pretty! I have a white throw that my mother made for me many years ago and it is beginning to fall apart. If you make me a throw like the one in the picture, I'll be more than happy to pay you for it! Please!

  2. I just noticed in your sidebar your stellar loss this week. Way to go! And your picutre really shows the difference .... you are going to have to hem that dress soon, the more you lose the longer it gets! Are you tripping on it yet :-)

    You are looking great!

  3. Maggie,

    The next afghan I'll make will be for you but I have no idea when I'll start. It may be this fall, it might be next fall!


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