Monday, June 18, 2012

And She Scores!

I'm such a loser!

The visit with the doctor went well. I lost 33 pounds since the first visit a month ago and 25 pounds of that was fat. I weigh on a special scale - barefoot - that measures my fat. I don't know how accurate it is but my doctor was pretty happy. She wants to see either 70 or 75% of weight loss to be fat (I can't remember which) and I was at 65%. The rest is water, muscle, etc.

To keep the fat loss high I need to keep my protein intake at 60 to 90 grams and exercise. Once I got home I checked SparkPeople and my protein runs over 100 every day, so I need to get better about my exercise.

And then I had another five pound loss this week. Go me!

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  1. Another 5! That's gratifying isn't it?

    Are you still swimming on occasion? Perhaps you can practice doing laps down the hallway at home in preparation for the day you can walk from the front door to your car and get in and go on your own to the pool!

    You are making great progress here!


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