Monday, May 21, 2012

Weigh In - Oh Yeah

Gotta love a double digit weight loss. Ten pounds gone!

On Thursday I had an appointment with a weight loss management doctor at Melrose Institute. This is the group that I did the binge eating disorder program at years ago that got me started on my weight loss journey. However, until recently they didn't have a weight loss program and Medicare didn't cover such services.

What I came away with after the appointment was:

#1 Need to increase fruits and vegetables to five servings a day
#2 Add a handful of nuts per day
#3 Remove fruit juice from diet
#4 Add Buspar for anxiety
#5 Add Topomax for mood stabilization and mild appetite suppression
#6 See therapist for intake
#7 See doctor again in one month

The Topomax is helping a LOT with my hunger. I still get hungry every couple of hours, but I'm satisfied with less food. A piece of fruit, a handful of nuts, a piece of toast, etc. keeps me going until the next meal.

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  1. Ten pounds! Now that is the morale booster you needed and PROOF that when you keep going progress will be made!


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