Monday, May 14, 2012

Updating More Often

I'm going to try posting more often. I don't know what exactly I'm going to talk about. The minutiae of my life just isn't that interesting but perhaps writing daily will help me keep focused on my goals. Most posts will be short and sweet.

I've been struggling with hunger lately and it's been showing on the scale. I don't know what the deal is but it seems that just an hour after I've eaten, I'm hungry again. I'm getting enough protein and fat, so it's not that. I'll be seeing a doctor on Thursday, so I'll ask her about it. Meanwhile, I'm "forcing" myself to not eat more than every three hours, no matter how hungry I am and I'm drinking water in-between meals.The schedule is:

5am Breakfast
8am Snack
11am Lunch
2pm Snack
5pm Dinner

ETA: Found an article this evening, The Dieter's Dilemma - How to Stay Full in a Calorie Deficit.


  1. That article seems to have shown itself just for you!

    I am glad to see your post. Short and sweet is my idea of a good time, too.

  2. I got a lot out of that article! Thanks for posting it.
    Some new things for me to try and some suggestions I already follow. Food that contains lots of water works well for me. I also eat plain carrots, the large ones ... like Bugs Bunny, lol! Lots of chewing and they stick around for long time.

    There was another great link in that article....about bingeing! Liked that one too!

    Keep them coming!


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