Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Own Handicapped Parking

So, the chief of police called me back and let me know that an item would be added to the city council agenda to add handicapped parking in front of our house from the driveway of the next house up the street to our driveway. I can't remember what he called it exactly, but it was put on something like an automatic approval list rather than an item up for debate. In other words, unless someone objects, it's a routine request that should get signed off on with no issues.

The next step will be for the street and maintenance department to mark it off in some fashion. Everything should happen in the next few weeks, which is very cool.

Meanwhile, ever since I've started the medication, my food intake has been great and well within my calorie range. I should have another good weigh in next week if this keeps up.


  1. Oh, I am so glad that worked out for you, Morphy. It just seems like you've had a sweet run of good news. Holding my thumbs that it keeps up.

  2. Hi Morph, thanks for the frequent updates recently. I just dropped by because LT is temporarily down at the moment and it was so nice to see that the police/city council seems so helpful.


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