Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making Blogging a Part of My Morning Routine

Sorry I haven't been posting like I said I would. It would get to be the end of the day and I would run out of time and energy. So, I've added my blog to the list of links I go to every morning to make it part of my routine.

What links do I go to every morning? So glad you asked! Ha.

Google - news and cartoons (Family Circle and Unshelved)
LibraryThing - my home on the web, books and reading forum
ATCsforAll - artist trading cards
Hennepin County Library - to check my account for coming due books and books on hold
My bank - to check balance and transactions
SparkPeople - especially the 300lb+ Team
Facebook - to check my wall and play Castleville
Calico Reaction - Science Fiction and Fantasy book reviewer
NotAlwaysRight - also NotAlwaysRomantic, NotAlwaysRelated, and NotAlwaysWorking
My Bible Reading Plan - daily reading of the Bible. I'm almost done. Yay! Been a long year.
USA Today Crossword Puzzle
The Cauldron - pagan forum



  1. Whew, is right! I am doing well to post here each morning to see if I can set some specific goals for each day; and then, I spend time reading LibraryThing postings, playing Words with Friends, and skimming through FB. I do my bills, my checking account, etc. And then, I'm off and running.

    See you around the postings.

  2. That's quite a routine! Do you make ATC's? If you do how about posting a few ... would love to see them!

  3. Do you hve a recommended Bible reading schedule? I've been trying to read the Bible for years now, I even have a Daily Bible, helpfully broken up into managable chunks, but I just find it so...boring. I keep thinking I should take it on a road trip and power through it, but then the road trips arrive and I would rather read something else.

    Thanks for the ATC link,; a new site to explore!

    ArmyAngel1986 on LT

  4. When I next make some ATCs, I'll post them.

    Angela, check out the My Bible Reading Plan website I linked to above. It creates a yearly plan for you and you can choose which version to read. I selected the Good News Bible because it's a liberal, modern translation. And, yes, it's horribly boring, but it was on my bucket list as something I was determined to do at least once in my life! It takes me about five minutes a day and I have only twelve more days left to go.


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