Monday, July 4, 2011

Steady As She Goes

I maintained this week which is fine since I had a binge episode on Saturday. Thankfully, since I've taken various eating disorder classes and gone to therapy, I get myself under control a lot faster . Perfection isn't expected, but I've certainly made progress. Binges would last days or weeks, if not months. Nowadays one day is my limit. I also allow myself one "free" day a month. So, it's early this month. What can I say.

However, it's taking a couple days to get my calories back down to the 2200 - 2400 a day range. My stomach got stretched a bit and I'm finding that I'm running hungrier than usual. I'm getting closer though and by tomorrow I should be back on track.

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  1. Good on you! You've lost so much weight. It's ok to indulge on the food you like, in moderation.


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