Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Short Update

I've been out of control eating for about ten days now and have gained 14 pounds. It's time to stop!

Husband's hours got cut. Then he got laid off. Then he got a new job. Hormones are affecting my moods. Emotional eating is my downfall. I still don't have the hang of handling it. I know all the skills for dealing with eating when I'm down, I just don't do them.

Been back on track with my calories for 2 days and next week I start pool therapy. I'm really looking forward to it. Plus I've signed up to be a leader for a "Biggest Loser" challenge on SparkPeople. Lastly, I've committed to losing 6 to 8 pounds a month for the next three months for another SparkPeople group.


  1. I just wanted to send you a message of encouragement from Australia. I'm a big reader, cross-stitcher, dog lover. I have a disability which means I use a wheelchair, I rely on my husband for a lot, and our income is really low. I've just discovered your blog and it's reminding me that I'm not alone in trying to control my weight from a chair - I really envy those who can power walk! Also, a quick tip - brown rice. It has a lovely nutty taste, can be cooked in a cheap rice cooker, and is full of fibre - it makes me feel satisfied quickly.

    I wish you luck and love. What you're doing is not easy, but you're not giving up. Bravo!

  2. Another Australian follower of your wonderful blog here to wish you, and your husband, well.

  3. It's been 3 months since your last post..Please let me know that you are ok..You seemed so down in your last post!



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