Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally Updating

I lost control and gained so much weight I was too ashamed and embarrassed to blog the last couple of months. But I'm back on track now and have lost near everything I gained.

My husband is in a new job and, while I don't want to get my hopes up, it's the largest company he's worked for and the most solid. It will be next year before we find out if he'll go from temp to perm (minimum 6 months, usually takes 8 to 10) but they've already had him working some overtime and they really like him. Also, he's out of the clean room environment which I think he really hated.

The pool therapy has been absolutely fabulous and has been key to elevating my mood and losing weight. Last week I was unable to go because of a cold and felt the lack. I went yesterday and while I wasn't my usual energetic self, I was able to complete all my exercises.

I do:

2 laps
Walk forwards
Walk sideways
Walk backwards

16 reps
Mini-inner tube, march in place
Mini-inner tube, side leg lifts
Mini-inner tube, rear leg lifts
Dumbbells - arms at sides, down
Dumbbells - arms clapping
Dumbbells - arms swinging
Kickboard - pull down, front
Kickboard - push/pull
Kickboard - push down, front
Kickboard - push down, each arm
Squats, both legs
Squats, one leg
Tiptoe/heels, both legs
Tiptoe/heels, one leg

1 rep
Tight rope walk, forward
Tight rope walk, backward

7 reps
Step up, each leg
Step down, each leg

I've also added 3 minutes of jogging and 1 minute of "skiing."

Each time I am there I add a little more. In November, I'll meet with the therapist and we'll ramp up my routine.


  1. Well done for getting back on track Morph! Glad to hear the pool therapy is still helping.

  2. Congratulations! The pool therapy sounds amazing.



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