Monday, April 25, 2011

Reading and Eating

Eating while reading is my vice. And it's one that I'm not willing to give up at this point nor do I know if I'll ever be ready. The best I can do is to control the quantity and quality of food I eat while reading. Nothing is more comforting to me than to hunker down with something warm and soft to eat while reading an absorbing novel. The world goes away with all its pain and distress and for a couple hours I can escape. I've learned now to deal better with my emotions, but I still like to "go away."

I remember my first binge when I was nine years old. I loved the white rice at school even though no one else did. One day a bunch of kids gave me theirs and I ate and read and read and ate. It was probably about five or six servings of rice.

My husband and I have gone out to eat for decades and we always bring our books. We also used to smoke like chimneys but thankfully that is over now.


  1. How about (over a period of time) learning to sip a low calorie warm drink like tea, coffee, diet hot choclate or bullion while reading?

    They are all warm and soft ... and would enable you to maximize your weight loss efforts.

  2. I ran across your profile on LibraryThing, after reading a post of yours about The Golden Compass. I think you said something about liking the books because they were well-written, not because they had any religious overtones (in response to someone who said they were bad for kids and taught them to be anti-religious). Anyway, I liked what you had to say, and I also noticed that you are on SparkPeople, which I am myself (user name AlaMich). I am a reader/eater myself, have been since I was a kid (only child, so meals were often sort of lonely).
    I think you should be very proud of yourself. I've been dealing with depression for about 10 years,and believe me, there are days when I think I oughta get points just for getting out of bed. Sometimes it's just doing the best you can for that day, whatever that is, and that has to be enough.


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