Monday, March 9, 2009

Where I started

In August of 2007, I participated in a Binge Eating program at Park Nicollet. I went to an educational program for eight weeks, then a followup program for nine weeks. When I started, I weighed in at 672 pounds. That the heaviest I've been. During the program, I lost about 30 pounds. The only change to my diet was to refrain from binging.

However, I needed to lose a lot more weight and the Park Nicollet refrain was "this is not a weight loss program." I found The Emily Program which combined eating disorder therapy as well as weight loss support. I worked with a nutritionist who put me on an exchange diet. I lost about another 20 pounds.

Currently, I use the free online program, SparkPeople. I've lost 12 pounds in the last three weeks or so. I believe this program is the one that is really going to help me the most as they concentrate on weight loss at a reasonable rate via calorie counting, fitness and a massive amount of online support including message boards, nutrition & fitness trackers, articles on nutrition, motivation, fitness, wellness, goal-setting and health issues.

I weighed in this morning at 604 pounds.


  1. Morphy - I followed you over here from LibraryThing. You've inspired me. I've got your blog on my Google Reader, and have joined SparkPeople. We'll see where that goes. Very best of luck to you - you've made a great start!

  2. This is very exciting. I love what you are doing here and the way you are going about it. Can you hear me jumping up and down and clapping here in California? Great looking blog too. :) MrsLee

  3. Morphy, you are truly an inspiration. Your blog is great; I'll be watching! I hope I can help encourage you as you have encouraged so many. Lots of good thoughts and support coming your way from Georgia!


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