Monday, March 23, 2009

6## Pounds - No weigh in

It's been a rough week and I fell off the wagon big time with lots of fatty and fried foods as well as binge eating. It seems like I always do this right as I'm on the verge of a big success. This time it would have been getting under 600 for the first time in five years.

Lots of stressers including changing to a new laptop with Vista which has really wigged me out, hubby being out of work, financial worries, some minor hubby health worries, and decisions I've made about my family. Not that these are excuses, just reasons.

So, today I've started tracking my food again. I called my therapist and we talked for a little bit. I committed to reading the book she lent me, The Appetite Awareness Workbook, rather than looking at it balefully as it sits in Mt. TBR.* I browsed it for a couple minutes and saw a section called "A Binge is a Temper Tantrum." Ain't that the truth.

Lastly, we discussed how I need to be more mindful during the day and take pleasure in the moment. I struggle with being a "human doing." Instead of enjoying the process of whatever I'm working on, I'm thinking about the next thing on Mt. TBD.**


* Mount To Be Read
** Mount To Be Done

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  1. Sometimes I think I do the same thing. Sabotage when i'm getting near a milestone. I'm not quite why though. I always seem to have this problem "finishing" things. I will get a project almost completely done and then put it away and never touch it again. I know the whole milestones in weight loss is different because you and I both have a long way to go, but the feeling is kind of the same. Maybe because reaching that goal means we have to now set our sights on a goal further away? Hmm, something for me to think about.

    hang in there, you have done amazingly well so far!


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