Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What This Is

Less is Morph is about how I'm morphing into less. It's not necessarily going to give you weight loss tips and tricks. There are plenty of other resources and blogs that do that. My blog will reveal how I got where am I, daily challenges for someone my size and my struggles with losing enough weight to I feel like I have a relatively normal life.

I have researched and thought hard about weight loss surgery. Between the lack of long-term research, stories from people that I know and trust, distaste for messing around with something that is working the way it is supposed to (my digestive system) and my eating disorder history, WLS is not an option for me. Since you need to completely change your eating, fitness routines and lose a significant amount of weight pre-surgery anyway, why not do those things and not have the surgery?


  1. I just found your site and it is a relief to know that I am not the only one that struggles with things like hygiene and dieting. I weigh about 410 pounds, my highest weight ever, and do not even have a scale to check if that is accurate (it was as of three months ago when my doctor weighed me).

    Just yesterday, for the upteeth time, I committed to a reasonable diet plan. I am a diabetic and have used the diabetic exchange diet in the past with success but once I stopped it the weigh piled right back on. I am currently 62 years old and back when I was 31-32 years of age, I actually dropped 173 pounds in 13 months on that diet alone with no pills, or gimmicks, just a lot of walking for exercise.

    However, I am older now by 30 years, and worse, have had two automobile accidents, one in 2006 and then another in 2009 (neither my fault) that permanently crippled my ability to walk for more than a few feet, stand for more than a minute without back spasms, and I now walk those few feet with a cane.

    My biggest problem other than the bathroom issues others have had, is trying to wash in a shower under my apron, and also reach those private areas. Then, on top of that, I have developed the worst ever type of fungal infection in those areas that only a prescription nystatin cream relieves temporarily. The doctor that always gave it to me retired and not one of the current doctors I see handle that body part. I am ashamed to go to a new doctor with this issue.

    What we face from society and even some "friends" is more misery than any human being should have. The fat people are the only form of people who can still be ridiculed, made jokes of, and in every way be treated less than human. I have lost track of the number of disgusted looks physicians have given me. No wonder we die younger, it isn't just the weight, it is the reluctance to seek medical care as well and when we do, have doctors blame any symptom, no matter how slight on our obesity.

  2. You might try asking for an anti-fungal pill that they give for particularly difficult to cure yeast infections. I can't recall the name of it but you can ask your doctor about it. Keep trying to find one that will work with you. It's a misery to live with, I know.


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