Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Plateaus Can Kiss My Lily White... Toe

Third week of the plateau and I'm losing heart. I spoke with my therapist and I'm going to bring my calorie counts in for the week to the next visit. We think I'm not being consistent enough in staying within my calorie range.

We did discuss weight loss surgery and I told her why I didn't want to do it. She said they only reason she brought it up is because she didn't know if the program I was on would get me to the goals I said I wanted and she was concerned with me being out of breath. We came up with a plan that I would reconsider surgery *IF* I ate under 2000 calories a day for 30 days without fail and hadn't lost at least 4 pounds.

However, I'm not at that point quite yet. Right now, I just need to stay within my calorie range of 2200 to 2400 calories every day this week, no slips, and stick with my exercise program. This week that is 2 chair dance songs in the morning, 2 in the evening and marching for 40 seconds every time I get up.


People amaze me. They think that if they leave some type of encouraging post, I'll publish their porn/sales/weight loss gimmick link.

That would be a big fat NO.

I had one that really had me going. They sounded so understanding and the link looked like a legitimate weight loss blog. More fool me!


  1. Keep going! At least your plateauing at 527 and not 580 or 625. You've come a long way this year already! Don't give up.

  2. Plateaus happen...just keep working at it. I think it's great that you're trying to do this without surgery. Although I really do understand people who go through with the surgery, and I'm not anti-medicine, I often fell that the full effects of messing with our body (like cutting out your large intestine) are not fully understood. I've been reading some interesting articles in the New Scientist lately on the subject...the hormones that converse between your brain and your digestive system can have impacts on memory, depression, etc. We don't REALLY know yet what the effects of the surgery if you can lose the weight without surgery, then go for it. :) If you HAVE to have surgery, then that's great too. ;)


    PS Will you post my porn site now?

  3. Don't lose heart! Keep going! Be extra viligant with the calories and maybe try reducing refined carbs to none at all and see if that helps. I can understand your therapist concern and surgery might be something to consider if all your efforts prove ineffective and your plateau remains a sticking point.

    Giving up is not an option! You can regain your health! Hugs!

  4. Keep going! Everyone plateaus at some least you are plateauing at 527 and not 580 or 625. You've come a long way this year already! Keep positive and stay consistent in monitoring your caloric intake. The pounds WILL come off. Good luck


    This post is from a woman on the health and weight loss journey was just what I needed this week as the loss of motivation is impeding my progress. You may find it uplifting for you too ... Not a trick link, I promise! :-0


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