Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Think This is Finally It

After 20 years of various dieting programs, I think I've finally turned the corner and am on the path to a healthier me. I haven't binged in months and the thought of one isn't appealing in the slightest. Considering the last two weeks of emotional upheaval, it certainly would have been like me to succumb to emotional eating.

We've had dental bills (husband), truck repair, job loss (husband), friendship loss (husband) and acute depression (both of us.) As I said to a friend, we've been married for over 22 years and this has been the worst of the "for better or for worse."

Instead, I've stayed on track and have lost weight. I'm tired of falling into eating and having to lose weight I already lost. The last time I binged, I got no comfort out of it. Just a sore stomach and nausea. I'd done. I don't want to do that anymore. It's hard enough fighting this battle to lose weight without having to lose the SAME twenty or thirty pounds over and over again.

Tracking my food, staying within my calorie range, adding fruits and vegetables - these are my tried and true strategies.


  1. hi morph ! i have been reading through some of your entries ..and, you're really awesome :) i am utterly refreshed by your candor and honesty. i bet you're a great friend, too ! i wish you luck with all of your on-going efforts to lose weight. it sounds like you've had a really tough year, but you know what ? i read something recently that went something like this, "it's not a failure to be knocked down ..but to STAY down" ..and you certainly don't seem like the type of woman who's going to stay down :)

  2. No, that is certainly one of my strengths. "Never give up! Never surrender!"

  3. I imagine blogging about your efforts really helps too. It's kind of a low-pressure "accountability." It probably makes you more likely to stay on track because you know people are reading about your progress. :)


  4. Morph, I am so proud of you...your heart, who you are, your tenacity and unwillingness to look at any other option but upward and forward. You will succeed....and I firmly believe you WILL complete that triathelon!! Way to Go!!

  5. Anonymous Comment from 8/29 - Your comment meant a lot to me. Wish you would let me know who you are!

    It is one of my strengths to continue to find hope, to never give up the good fight. It's nice to have others notice that.

  6. Hi Morph,I'm Anonymous from 8/29 - Just wanted to let you know my name is Jodi and I'm writing from Indiana. I'm just going to guess here...but I sense that that Hope you continue to find, that gives you strength to never give up fighting the good fight is your cornerstone...


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