Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn Arrives Soon

Not much to report on this week. I gained a pound but it's not entirely unexpected as I ate out three times in the last three days. While I was careful with my calories, it was highly processed, sodium-laden food. I'll be super careful this week and with any luck will make up for it next weigh-in.

I've updated my 101 Goals in 1000 days. Let's see if I do a better job this time!

I think I tried to do too much last week and have run myself down physically. I need to pace myself better so I canceled an outing today. While I'm a little bummed, I can only do so much.


  1. Very wise Morph!! Slowing down and putting in good balance is sooooo important for the overall picture. Resting your body, refreshing and renewing your mind with the Word...staying in that place of peace and contentment is huge. Way to go...you are so gonna reach every goal you set. Jodi

  2. Thank you so much for putting your story out there, I can imagine that its not always easy but reading your story has made me realize that I am not alone in this struggle, I am not the only one that struggles with binge eating or understands how difficult it can be to over come the mental constraints. Thank you for being an inspiration, and unknowingly giving me hope and the want to keep trying when Ive really been struggling and asking myself why I bother lately. So thank you again, keep up the amazing work you are doing. E-Hugs from Canada.

  3. How are you doing? Time for an update! Shake off your frustration and just remember how well you have done already! Keep the faith, you can do this one day at a time.

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    1. There was a lovely post here but at the end was an email that the poster requested I keep private. Since there is no way for me to edit a post, I wasn't able to post it at all. Sorry.

  5. Have you ever looked into low-carb or paleo as a potential way of eating? There is a lot of good research out there on the effects it has on obesity and mental disease. I'm only 24 and struggle with binge eating... I have gained over 70 pounds in less than 3 years of constant eating, mostly cravings for sugar that are stronger than drug addiction. You are a very powerful woman, and thanks for sharing everything.

  6. Morphy, I have read every one of your blog posts in one night. I have to tell you, keep going!!!!!! Through your double digit losses and your plateaus, my heart has risen and fallen with you. But you are doing it! You are making your way towards a healthier you! I'm right in there with you, I've always been overweight. But if you can do it, then I have no excuses! You have inspired me, and I sent your blog to my mom as well. You are an inspiration, you are fantastic, and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. Your husband sounds like an absolute dear, and I hope you have many long years together. Please!! Keep up the hard work and keep losing! I can't wait until I read the post when you finally do your triathalon, or dance with your husband, or just live your life without this burden! You can do this!


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