Monday, October 8, 2012

That's More Like It!

I just knew it was the anti-depressant! I weaned myself off and now I'm regular and I had a nice loss this week. And that's with a slightly higher calorie intake this last week. I ran about 2400 calories a day.

Plus my husband is back at work! He's a tired puppy tonight though. He has to get used to an eight-hour day on his feet after two months goofing off in front of his computer. He said, "It's an ibuprofen night tonight."

It's going to be a busy week. I have a lot of things planned and was counting on him being there to chauffeur me around. (Not that I'm complaining.) Instead I'll be using MetroMobility. Oh fun, oh joy. Wednesday is wound care and lunch at church. Thursday is book club. Friday morning I'll be at the receptionist desk at church then I meet with my weight loss doctor in the afternoon. Sunday I'm meeting up with a friend from LibraryThing. Wheee!


  1. Fabulous Morph!!

  2. Hi, I find your blog really interesting and I really admire your tenacity and courage to share your story so openly!!

    I've started a few months back on a similar journey myself ( and just wanted to wish you luck!


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