Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Spam Jerks

So, I've learned my lesson. I received a comment from someone who said they were big like me and asked for my email address to talk. Being the compassionate person I am, I gave it to them. I immediately started getting spam from a company I never heard of and it's getting past my ISPs junk email filter. This is the first spam I've gotten in the years since I've had this email address.

And now I know - never give out my email address to a blog commenter.

If you want to talk to me privately, write a comment and ask that I not publish it.


  1. I hate that that happened to you, I hope it won't curtail your blogging - I check in on you frequently to see how you are & what's new, so know that we're out here looking forward to your next entry.

  2. Thanks for passing along this information. It is a good lesson for us all.

    I posted a new blog this morning after months. If you'd like to read it and comment it could help me stick to it.


  3. What a piece of crap! You are too sweet to be taken advantage of!

    I'm happy to see you posting again!

    HUgs BellyLvr

  4. No, it won't curtail my posting but I certainly learned my lesson!


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