Monday, October 17, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I'm still losing weight. It's a combination of tracking my food daily, staying with my calorie range, one hour of pool exercise twice a week and, probably, adjustments to my thyroid medications.

I slip now and then, sometimes badly, with my calories. But the interval before I get back on track keeps getting shorter. It used to be months or weeks or days before I would "start over." This week, it was just one meal - dinner. I had my husband toss the high-calorie leftovers and take the remaining cake to work. I got it out of the house before I continued the binge on the following day. It feels good.

I'm in new territory now. I haven't been this low in weight in probably a decade. It is encouraging to feel as if I am finally, solidly, on the road to a healthier weight. I'll never be Miss Skinny. However, I can be someone who has a normal life. One where I can grocery shop, walk my dog, clean my house, shower without assistance, and buy clothes from a store. Won't it be nice?

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