Friday, January 20, 2012

Holidays Were Unholy

Okay, so I started off okay during the holiday but then got up to 565 for a total of 14 pounds regained. I'm heading back down now though and with luck will be on track for losing 100 pounds in 2012. I tried not tracking my food, but that was a colossal failure so I've committed to entering all my food daily - no matter what - for all of 2012.

My exercise hasn't been consistent either and that needs to change. Mostly it's been out of my control. I spent one evening before I was to go to the pool in ER with stomach pains and the following week there were two pool closures. One while I was actually in the pool! I had gotten about 75% of my routine done when we were told to leave the pool because there had been an "accident." Later in the week, the pool aide called me to say there had been another accident and that the pool was closed for the day. Normally it is months between accidents so this was unusual.

The ER visit was basically a waste of time. They couldn't find anything that was causing the pain and told me to take some Prilosec. I did find out that I will eventually need to get my gall bladder out as I have a good-sized gall stone in there. The tech called it a "boulder." Heh.

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