Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pool Therapy

It seems I might not have explained why I was after a bathing suit. Since I lost 100 pounds, I haven't had any more energy than when I was heavier which didn't seem right to me. I contacted my doctor and asked if she thought physical therapy would help me. She recommended pool therapy at the Courage Center. They have a zero-entry pool that is specifically engineered for the disabled.

I had several obstacles to overcome. The first being a bathsuit that would fit me. Through Sanctuarie I was able to order a custom-fitted bathing suit. My second obstacle was - would I be able to change clothes twice without assistance (into and out of bathing suit?) Third obstacle was - would I be able to handle the heat? The pool is 92 degrees. Whew.

Well, I went last night for my first time and it was AWESOME!!! I have a fabulous trainer and my biggest concern, the heat, wasn't an issue at all. In fact, at times I got a little chilled. Now I know why they have the pool so warm. I struggled a bit with changing but took my time and it worked out. The trainer was kind, informative, and "touchy-feely" - which fits my personality perfectly. I am so happy! I'll be going twice a week.

I got into the pool and was able to MOVE, to WALK. It was amazing and I burst into tears. The trainer gave me a big hug and we went on to do 30 minutes of gentle exercise.

Insurance will pay for twelve appointments a year so we are going to meet for six appointments then I'll do independent exercise for a few months until I need to ramp it up and then we'll meet a couple of times, etc. I'm just waiting to hear from Scheduling to set up my appointments.

I am a very happy lady today.

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  1. Sounds like bliss! Enjoy it; it is well earnt. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I take inspiration from them and you.




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