Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Hate the Scale

I weighed in yesterday morning and gained so much I was appalled. I'm not going into it here, but it was a double digit gain which is ridiculous because I did NOT eat that much and I'm not PMSing. I wish my body were a bit more logical when it came to weight loss. There are weeks when I figure I haven't lost a thing or even gained and instead I'll lose a lot. Then there are the weeks, like this week, when I think I'll maintain and instead I'll gain a lot. Then there are the times when I think I've lost and I've gained! There seems to be no rhyme or reason except when I starve myself. This doesn't actually happen on purpose but when I was ill last year I lost a lot of weight very quickly as I wasn't eating. It just peeled off me.

So this week I'm being very careful to journal my food, drink my water, exercise, get at least three fruits and vegetables in a day, etc. Hopefully next week this quick gain will be a quick loss and I can get back on track to some serious weight loss.

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