Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ten Reasons Why I Should Lose Weight

  1. To celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary
  2. To take walks with my hubby and our dogs
  3. To go shopping by myself and without mobility assistance
  4. To buy a swimsuit and go swimming
  5. To join a book club that meets at people's houses and not be concerned about accessibility
  6. To go to a zoo or museum without a wheelchair
  7. To take a long shower or sit in the tub for a hot bath
  8. To gain a sense of accomplishment/mastery
  9. To feel less shame in public
  10. To be physically independent


  1. Good for you Nora. They are all very good reasons for wanting to lose weight. I especially am drawn to feeling less shame in public. When I lived in CA I always felt self conscious about my size. The people there were so health conscious. I never ever saw anyone close to my size. It was an entirely different story when I moved back to WI. There are plenty of my sisters under the skin that reside here. It was easy to hide. Nora keep up the good work and you will achieve your goal. No doubt in my mind!

  2. Cindy/GeorgiaDawnApril 2, 2009 at 3:58 PM

    Your list is just perfect. You have my full support! I am proud to be counted as a friend!

  3. Nora,

    I want to read more!

    Please update your blog!

    xo Janice


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