Monday, April 1, 2013

At a Standstill

I'm sorry I haven't posted or moderated comments in the last several weeks. As you can tell from my weight, I've been at a standstill. I need to shake this off and get going again. Life has been very stressful and at least I'm not gaining, but I need forward movement.

My husband went for his two month exam at Mayo and there has been no change to his eye. So that is good news. He'll go back in four to five months for another check up.

Meanwhile, he quit his job. He's applied for unemployment because he quit because his job responsibilities changed. In some cases like his, they'll agree to pay benefits. But this means we have no income other than my disability which isn't enough to pay the bills.

School is also a struggle. This last class is a comprehensive review. What this means is that the textbook is high level and gives no detail. But we are taking four to five quizzes a week which are all detail. This means I do a lot of searching in my previous classes' textbooks and Googling. The quizzes are copy/pastes from the end of each chapter of the textbook. Every week I have to argue over incorrect answers. Half the "instructor" agrees with and changes, the other half she copy/pastes the explanation from the instructor textbook. This class is the pits!

I'll try to do better and not leave the blog languishing for six weeks at a time.


  1. are you on facebook? I would like to follow...

  2. Mophy, I'm having the same issues with my instructor. Have to discuss answers and issues with her more than I think I should have to; oh, well, what the hell. As you say, we can only try, and do our best.

  3. I'm on Facebook but I only people I know personally can see me there.

  4. I've been checking back for your posts regularly and was happy to see you've updated. I'm sorry things are hitting a bit of a rough patch for you, but keep it up, you're an inspiration to many people!

  5. Hi Morph my names Yoshi i am over 600 lbs. and have recently come across your blog and i am inspired and will definitely be following. i have been trying to lose weight i go to the ymca and jog in the pool for an hour 5 days a week and also lift weights 3 days a week. i would like to know how you eat becasuse that is where i am weak, i havent found anything in your blog specifically about it. keep up the good work, im new to bloging so hopefully if you comment i can find it again.


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